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Fault Generator - 10100313A

The PROCENTEC Fault Generator is a tool that mimics a fault on the physical electrical bus layer of your PROFIBUS DP network. It is designed for use by support / training, sales and technical engineers, as it enables you to quickly re-create an error for demonstration or for verification of operations during commissioning.

How to use the PROFIBUS Fault Generator:

  1. See below which faults can be simulated in your PROFIBUS DP network.
  2. Insert screw driver and set the rotary switch to create a change on the physical bus layer.
  3. Plug the PROCENTEC Fault Generator into any DB9 connector.

The PROCENTEC Fault Generator is the must-have tool for testing alarms or diagnostics, designed to fit your pocket.

0 and 1 - Okay

Fault Generator example 1

2, 3, 6, 7, A, B, E, F - Short circuit between A and B

Fault Generator example 3

Fault Generator example 2 Fault Generator example 4

8 and 9 - Short circuit between B and ShieldFault Generator example 6

4, 5, C, D - Short circuit between A and B with an extra 15Ω termination Fault Generator example 5

Fault Generator

Fault Generator

Your benefits

  • It's a small tool and therefore easy to carry
  • Easy to use by the switch

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