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Mã sản phẩm: 110030009 

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MULTIrep, PROFIBUS repeater / hubs

The PROFIBUS Repeaters MULTIrep X2, X5 and X7 not only meet all requirements for modern, flexible PROFIBUS cabling. Due to the integrated interference suppression function, they also ensure the greatest possible stability of data communication.

Thanks to the integrated diagnostics, clearly visible status LED and automatic interference suppression, MULTIrep PROFIBUS repeaters allow easy and targeted troubleshooting.

The use of these repeaters enables the extension of a PROFIBUS network to a maximum of 126 stations as well as the extension of the speed-dependent cable length. A maximum of 32 stations (31 + repeater) are permitted per segment. The MULTIrep regenerates the voltage signal in two, five or seven directions and raises it to the PROFIBUS standard level. Physically, this results in up to seven segments which are galvanically isolated from each other.

Top features of the MULTIrep series

  • Extension of your PROFIBUS project, up to 126 stations (star structure possible)
  • Signal stabilisation / regeneration for trouble-free data communication
  • Reporting of logical and physical anomalies in PROFIBUS data traffic
  • Error isolation on individual segments through automatic filtering
  • Simplified diagnosis and accelerated troubleshooting through segment delimitation with error status 

The MULTIrep product range

MULTIrep X2, PROFIBUS Repeater

Art.-No. 110030010

Compact PROFIBUS repeater for 2 segments

MULTIrep X5, PROFIBUS Repeater/Hub

Art.-No. 110030009

PROFIBUS-Repeater/-Hub for up to 5 segments

MULTIrep X7, PROFIBUS Repeater/Hub

Art.-No. 110030011

PROFIBUS-Repeater/-Hub for up to 7 segments

The MULTIrep series, with the compact basic repeater X2 and the multiple repeaters X5 and X7, forms the ideal basis for a robust star-shaped PROFIBUS topology. In addition to the compact design, the MULTIrep repeaters convince by their easy handling. The PROFIBUS cabling is realized by the proven and robust D-SUB connectors. There are no error-prone DIP switches or terminal points. A special feature of the MULTIrep series is the integrated diagnostic function. The data traffic is permanently monitored and the health status of each segment is indicated by LEDs.

Expert advice: Use the D-Sub connectors of your MULTIrep repeater as plug&play access for PROFIBUS measuring points - without additional installation effort. When using a 9-pin D-Sub connector with PG interface, you create the necessary measurement access directly at the repeater. 

Please note: For a precise diagnostic measurement or troubleshooting you need a non-reactive measuring point at the beginning and end of each segment.

MULTIrep: Features and benefits in detail

Signal regeneration for trouble-free data communication

By using MULTIrep repeaters, the voltage signal required for data communication is regenerated in both line directions and raised to PROFIBUS normal level. However, the signal content remains unchanged. This ensures smooth data communication in larger segments and/or long cable runs.

PROFIBUS signal refreshing by MULTIrep repeater

Stable star structure possible

With the PROFIBUS repeater series "MULTIrep", your network can be divided into two, five or seven galvanically isolated segments, depending on the expansion stage. This allows local, functional or technological groups to be formed depending on the purpose. The classic line structure is dissolved. The star-shaped arrangement of many small segments with signal refreshment brings numerous advantages for stable operation and troubleshooting. These are known from Ethernet-based networks, among others.

Expert advice: We recommend the use of repeaters to separate conspicuous or interference-prone participants. The galvanic separation of the segments prevents effects on the complete PROFIBUS system.

MULTIrep: PROFIBUS with classic line structureclassical line structure (example)
MULTIrep: PROFIBUS with star structure thanks to repeatersStar structure (example)

Integrated quick diagnosis and error filtering

All repeaters of the MULTIrep series permanently monitor the PROFIBUS telegram traffic. Occurring logical or physical anomalies are signalled by the status LED on the device. Error telegrams and telegram repetitions are signalled by the bus LED. The data LED generally indicates whether the slaves on the channel are communicating and whether they are configured without errors. Thus, the health status of the respective PROFIBUS segment can be permanently monitored and quickly checked.

The integrated diagnosis enables the maintenance technician to narrow down the error to the affected segment. This segment can be easily identified via the status LED.

MULTIrep: PROFIBUS repeater with error diagnostics

If error telegrams or signal interference occur in a segment with repeaters, errors are automatically filtered and not transferred to other segments. This prevents interactions outside the affected segment.

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