PROFIBUS PA Training Kit - 301-00102A - Procentec

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PROFIBUS PA Training Kit - 301-00102A - Procentec

The portable PROCENTEC PROFIBUS PA Training Kit contains a complete automation network that can be used by training centers, automation universities or private companies for educational purposes. The kit meets all PI International standards for providing Certified PROFIBUS DP training.

A well-educated an experienced workforce is the bedrock to any reliable operation. Trained employees commit fewer mistakes and provide better products and service. With the PROCENTEC PROFIBUS PA Training Kit, you can provide new or continuing education that meets the internationally recognized standards of PI International for PROFIBUS DP.

The PROCENTEC PROFIBUS PA Training Kit is completely encased in a Peli case and provides users with both PROCENTEC solutions such as ComBricks and third party solutions as a complete network. It includes all power cables and licenses. With the kit you can program, troubleshoot and teach technicians more about the operations of automation networks.

The kit is the perfect solution for universities to train new students about networks in the class room or for extra studies. It can also be used by PI International Training Centers to provide certified training courses. The kit is an added value for any end user’s continuing education program, allowing for a manager to have comfort knowing the company is increasing the skills and knowledge of its human assets.

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