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1.01.0121.11020 - CANbridge

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Configurable CAN-to-CAN Bridge / Router

The CANbridge allows the coupling of two CAN networks, including networks with different bit rates. The bridge/router has a powerful 16-bit microcontroller that can process bursts at higher data rates without message loss. LEDs signal the current status of the coupled networks.

The CANbridge is available in three different versions: as an industrial version in either a DIN rail housing or in a robust metal housing, and as an automotive version in a robust metal housing.

This product is not recommended for new developments. For new developments we recommend to use the successor product Ixxat CANbridge NT 200/420.


  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Allows larger system expansion
  • Filter and conversion functionality
  • Increased system reliability
  • Line protection by galvanic isolation


  • CANbridge
  • Operation Instruction
  • Configuration cable
  • Power supply cable (only 1.01.0120.xxxxx)


Microcontroller Fujitsu MB90F543
CAN controller 2 x CAN on-chip, CAN 2.0A, 2.0B
CAN bus interface Industrial Version: 2x ISO 11898-2, as an option galvanic isolated
Automotive Version: 2x ISO 11898-2 (galvanic isolated) or 1x ISO 11898-2 (galvanic isolated) + 1x ISO 11898-3
Serial interface RS232 for device configuration
Power supply Industrial Version: 9-36 V, 1.5 W, Automotive Version: 7-16 V, 1.5 W
Temperature range -20 ºC ... +70 ºC
Certification CE
Housing, size Robust metal housing approx. 100 x 85 x 32 mm or plastic DIN rail housing approx. 110 x 75 x 22 mm



Unlike a CAN Repeater, which only translates the electric signals, the CAN messages are received completely by the CANbridge and then sent to the other CAN network in line with existing filter and conversion rules (Store-Forward principle). With the aid of conversion rules (gateway tables), CAN messages can be filtered or forwarded under another identifier. With these mechanisms, the bus load can be reduced in the individual networks by only sending messages which are of interest to the other network. 


The configuration of the CANbridge can be made using a configuration file, which is uploaded to the device via RS232 by an upload program included in the scope of delivery. 

Order options

  • Industrial version: Housing option, galvanic isolation
  • Automotive version: second CAN-bus interface according to ISO 11898-2 (high-speed) or ISO 11898-3 (low-speed)


Order number

1.01.0121.11020 CANbridge - DIN Rail, 2 x High-Speed Bus Interface, Industrial Version
1.01.0121.22020 CANbridge - DIN Rail, 2 x High-Speed Bus Interface (galvanic isolated), Industrial Version
1.01.0120.22010 CANbridge - Aluminium, 2 x High-Speed Bus Interface (galvanic isolated), Automotive Version
1.01.0120.23010 CANbridge - Aluminium, 1 x High-Speed Bus Interface (galvanic isolated) + 1 x Low-Speed Bus Interface, Automotive Version
1.01.0120.22020 CANbridge - Aluminium, 2 x High-Speed Bus Interface (galvanic isolated), Industrial Version

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