101-201531 - ComBricks PROFIBUS Single-Mode Fiber Optic Ring - Procentec

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Mã sản phẩm: 101-201531

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101-201531 - ComBricks PROFIBUS Single-Mode Fiber Optic Ring - Procentec

The ComBricks Fiber Optic Ring module for single-mode technology (ComBricks FO Ring SM) ensures reliable optical data transmission in PROFIBUS networks. This multifunctional module is specifically designed by PROCENTEC to create optical redundant ring topologies with singlemode fiber optics. It allows long cable distances up to 30 km and a galvanic isolation between devices and segments. The ComBricks FO Ring SM module is especially suitable for applications in heavy EMC environments such as water treatment, mines and tanks.


The ComBricks FO Ring SM module contains diagnostic LEDs which indicates the detection of a low level on the optics. Just like any other communication module, the channels are connect directly to the ProfiTrace OE core in the Head Station. An advanced email functionality will alert you when faults like low level or broken ring arise. Because busmonitor data is directly available in the web server, it allows technicians to optimal maintain a PROFIBUS installation.

ComBricks FO Ring SM can be placed side by side with repeater modules allowing spur line diagnostics. It can also easily be used as a fully dedicated fiber optic modules mixed with copper segments. The advanced 12 Mbps core of the fiber optic module can be cascaded unlimited with other fiber modules.

combricks fiber optic single modecombricks fiber optic point to point single mode



This product is UL-listed. Read more about UL-certification.

Technical specifications

Characteristics fiber optics

  • 2 fiber optic channels (single mode)
  • Max. cable length 30 km
  • Ring, point-to-point and line topologies
  • 4 ST/BFOC-connectors
  • Single mode cable G9 / 125 (OS1) – 1310 nm
  • Ring redundancy (switchable)
  • Unlimited cascading
  • Optical budget: 17dB
  • Optical loss: 0,4dB per km

ComBricks characteristics

  • Warning at low fiber optic signal levels
  • Email notifications in case of certain events


  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
  • 9,6 kbps – 12 Mbps (automatic baudrate detection)
  • No PROFIBUS address needed
  • Transmission speed detection: Auto detect (< 10 s detection and 50 s time out)


  • 4 networks selectable with DIP-switches
  • 10 modules (in the first 10 slots)
  • Power supply: provided through the backplane
  • Compatible backplane units: 101-200011, 101-200012, 101-200023, 101-200024, 101-200027


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 115 x 100 x 25 mm (without backplane)
  • Weight: 122 g


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