513-00031 - EtherMIRROR 10/100 - Procentec

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Mã sản phẩm: 513-00031

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513-00031: EtherMIRROR 10/100

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513-00031 - EtherMIRROR 10/100 - Procentec

Developed to gain on-demand, passive diagnostic information from multiple networks, PROCENTEC’s innovative EtherMIRROR is a measuring point that can be easily installed on any Industrial Network running on PROFINET or Ethernet/IP.

  • 10/100 Mbit
  • Transparent measuring port
  • compatible with PROCENTEC EtherTAP 10/100

Working in conjunction with PROCENTEC EtherTAP, EtherMIRROR works impressively to gain passive diagnostic information while remaining invisible to the network. All at an impressive link speed of 10/100 Mbit. The primary advantage of EtherMIRROR is the avoidance of costly downtime, achieved by accessing passive diagnostic information without ever having to break the connections.

Once the EtherTAP and the EtherMIRROR connect, the pair work harmoniously to continually mirror all messages flowing between the PLC and the first Switch. Valued data, such as dropped packets, message jitters, cycle-times and message recording are transferred instantly.

EtherMIRROR 10/100

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