Anybus-S Ethernet Modbus-TCP - AB4172-C

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AB4172-C: Anybus-S Ethernet Modbus-TCP


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The world’s best selling fieldbus interface range supporting 18 industrial networks. Take a closer look at the embedded Anybus-S slave family.

The Anybus-S (slave) modules are designed for integration into industrial field devices that need to communicate with PLC’s or PC’s via industrial networks.  The modules have their own high performance microprocessor which handles the entire communication protocol independently of the host application. Typical applications for Anybus-S are frequency inverters, HMI and visualization devices, instruments, scales, robotics and intelligent measuring devices.

Designed for industrial applications, high performance and functionality

All Anybus-S modules have a standardized application interface supporting up to 512 byte of cyclic I/O data and additional support for acyclic parameter data. This is exactly what is required by standard fieldbus protocols such as Profibus-DP or DeviceNet and provides a reserve for future technologies and additional functionality in the host device.  

The application interface is fully standardized regarding its mechanics, hardware and software features and thus all Anybus-S modules are easily interchangeable. Data and parameters which are not supported by all fieldbus systems are located in the fieldbus-specific part of the application interface. Data exchange between the Anybus-S and the f ield device is handled by control registers, which specify the size of the I/O area and the watchdog interval between the module and the device. In addition, the application software interface provides module related data such as the network type, vendor information, software and hardware versions and the serial number of the module.

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