Flexy Extension Card - 2 Serial Ports - FLA3301_00

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Mã sản phẩm: FLA3301_00

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Flexy Extension Card - 2 Serial Ports

This Flexy extension card increase the connectivity capability of the Ewon Flexy with 2 serial ports.

The dual serial port extension card off ers OEMs and system integrators the ability to interconnect and retrieve data from serial devices. As a transparent gateway, the Ewon Flexy is the link between any serial devices or PLCs and the Ethernet LAN. As a data acquisition gateway, the Ewon polls the serial devices at defined intervals to feed its internal memory tags with live and time-stamped data.

It is compatible with the Ewon Flexy 10x series, 20x series and 205.

Flexy 205 Graphic_isometric SERIAL_714x480

Technical Characteristics


RS232/485/422 Port

RS232 Port

Number of ports 1 1
Physical mode RS232/422/485, configurable by dip switch RS232
Connector SUBD9 (male) SUBD9 (male)
Operating temp. -25 to +60°C -25 to +60°C



  • Compliant with :
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU; LVD 2014/35/EU
  • RoHS3 Directive 2015/863/EU                                                                                                             
  • According to standards :
  • EMC emission Class A EN55032; EN55024
  • Safety: EN60950-1; EN 62368-1
  • Compliant with :
  • This product complies with the Part 15 of the FCC rules
  • Compliant with :
  • This device complies with Japanese regulations

Conform to :

  • EN;UL;IEC;CAN 60950-1
  • EN;UL;IEC;CAN 62368-1
  • UL recognized: file number E350576
  • CB certificate n° DK-53957-A1-UL & DK-84039-UL















Dip Switch Configuration of Port S1

RS232 (ex-factory)

All six switches OPEN (pressed in on OPEN side, raised out on numbers side)


Switches 1 to 4 CLOSED (pressed in on numbers side, raised out on OPEN side) Remaining 2 switches see terminations (below)


Switch 1 CLOSED (pressed in on numbers side) Switches 2 to 4 OPEN (pressed in on OPEN side, raised out on numbers side) Remaining 2 switches see terminations (below)

Terminations (RS485/422) Activated: Switches 5 & 6 BOTH CLOSED (pressed in on numbers side)


Configurable Port S1: Port S1 is configurable by dip switch in 3 different physical modes RS232, RS422 and RS485.

Configurable Port S2: Port S2 Is RS232 only.


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