Ixxat EIPScan (EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator Tool) - 1.24.0034.03100

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1.24.0034.03100 - EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator Tool (EIPScan)

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EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator Tool

EIPScan is a Microsoft Windows-based software application that simulates an EtherNet/IP Scanner. EIPScan is an extremely useful tool for testing and debugging EtherNet/IP products during development, for end of line testing and field testing as well as for demonstration of products shipping to end customers.

Enables easy simulation and test

  • Connect to devices through one or more Ethernet interfaces on the PC
  • Browse the network(s) for devices or manually add them
  • View and modify I/O data (binary or hexadecimal)
  • Automated test of Class 1 and Class 3 connections
  • Queuing of multiple UCMM Requests

Scanner class functionality

  • UCMM (unconnected) Message Server and Client
  • Class 3 (connected) Message Server and Client
  • Class 1 (connected) I/O Server and Client

Platform compatibility

  • EIPScan supports Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client Profile required (not included in contents of delivery)

New in version 2.3

  • Supports up to 256 host interfaces
  • Ability to view and edit assembly instance data offline
  • Class 3 explicit message enhancements allowing Tag requests and including auto incrementing of sequence count
  • Enhanced automated tests for Class 1 I/O connections

EIPScan 2.x is a completely new Windows .NET application, but still based (like version 1.x) on the proven EtherNet/IP Scanner Developers' Kit (ESDK). The graphical user interface is based on Microsoft WPF, the user can define and store its own workspaces.
If the user had previously activated their copy of EIPScan 1.x the activation status will be retained for EIPScan 2.x.

  • EIPScan, executable program for Microsoft Windows (The EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator Tool is offered as per node license)
  • User reference manual
  • EDS-File for device configuration (EIPScan as adapter) by remote software tools like Rockwell Automation's RSLogix5000 or RSNetWorx for EtherNet/IP


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