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Mã sản phẩm: AB7330

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Ordering Information


- Quick start documentation
- USB configuration cable is supplied with every single-piece Communicator shipment
- CAN D-sub connector is supplied with every single-piece Communicator shipment
- All configuration software available for download
- (Power supply not included)

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Anybus IIoT Communicator CAN - MQTT and OPC-UA

Integrate your CAN-based industrial devices and equipment to an OPC-UA or MQTT monitoring system without the need for any changes to the device. Just connect, configure and you're done!

The Anybus Communicator IIoT is a proven and trusted protocol converter gateway that connects non-networked industrial devices and equipment to IIoT systems. The gateway performs an intelligent protocol conversion and presents the serial data as OPC-UA or MQTT tagged IIoT data.

The Communicator is slim stand-alone gateway designed for IP20 and DIN-rail mounting, requiring a 24-volt power supply. 


The Communicator is capable of converting almost any type of serial protocol such as Modbus RTU, ASCII, DF1 or any other type of proprietary Query/Response or Produce/Consume protocol.


Typical serial applications include variable frequency drives, sensors, actuators, human machine interfaces, barcode readers, RFID readers and industrial scales among others. 

Support Pages

• Allows system integrators to retro-fit older automation devices into the latest IIoT communication protocols
• Requires no hardware or software changes to be made to the connected device
• Performs complete serial protocol conversion
• Intelligent I/O data mapping within the Communicator permits even devices with slow serial communication can be integrated without any restrictions to the upper network  
• Possibility to connect up to 31 nodes via one Communicator giving inexpensive IIoT network connectivity for your devices
• Integrated Email client, FTP server and embedded webserver for diagnostics and data visualization 
• Always free technical support from HMS and our global Anybus Distributors

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