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1.01.0067.44010 - CAN-CR200

1.04.0073.00000 - T bus connector

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Modular ISO 11898-2 CAN repeater
with backbone bus

The CAN-CR200 is used for the galvanic isolation of two segments of a CAN network and for creating star or tree topologies. Several CAN-CR200 can be connected to a CAN-hub via the integrated backbone bus. One special feature of the Repeater is the automatic recognition and separation of a defective segment from the rest of the network so that the remaining network can continue working. After elimination of the defect, the segment is switched into the network again.

The galvanic isolation isolates the CAN segments from each other as well as from the power supply.


  • DIN-Rail backbone bus to line up and connect the devices easily 
  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Increased system reliability
  • Almost no influence on real-time behavior


  • CAN-CR200
  • Quick reference


  • T bus connector for creating star / tree topologies


Display Transmit and defective segment (three duo LEDs), Power (one LED)
CAN bus interface ISO 11898-2 with CAN choke. Two Sub-D9 connectors and one backbone bus. CAN termination resistors are integrated (switchable).
Baudrate Up to 1 Mbit/s
Delay 200 ns (corresponds ~40 m (~120ft.) bus length)
Power supply 9-32 V DC, 1.5 W typ., through terminals
Galvanic isolation 1 kV, 1 sec.; CAN 1, CAN 2 and backbone bus are galvanic isolated against each other.
Certification CE, FCC
Temperature range  -20 ºC ... +70 ºC
Housing, size Plastic enclosure, 22.5 x 100 x 115 mm


Order number

1.01.0067.44010 CAN-CR200
1.04.0073.00000 T bus connector

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