IN770AIR00MO000 Hitachi VRF systems to KNX Application (Hitachi to KNX - Up to 64 Indoor Units)

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Mã sản phẩm: IN770AIR00MO000

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Item number: IN770AIR00MO000

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Hitachi to KNX - Up to 64 Indoor Units

Hitachi VRF systems to KNX Application

Item number IN770AIR00MO000

The Hitachi application has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Hitachi VRF systems from a KNX installation. The solution allows the integration of up to 64 indoor units from a single interface.

  • KNX standard datapoints (DPTs) support

    KNX standard datapoints (DPTs) are supported, guaranteeing a simple KNX device/system integration.

  • Direct access to the outdoor unit

    Connection is simple, as the interface connects directly to the outdoor unit’s communication bus.

  • Automatic identification

    A scan function is available for automatic identification of the units present in the VRF system.

  • Outdoor unit signals

    Signals assigned to the outdoor unit are available to be used in the integration.

  • Individual indoor unit energy consumption signals

    Energy consumption signals from each indoor unit are available, so they can be checked individually.

  • Datapoint support

    A wide range of monitoring and control datapoints is available.

  • Commissioning-friendly approach with Intesis MAPS

    Templates can be imported and reused as often as needed, significantly reducing commissioning time.

  • Configuration tool and interface automatic updates

    Both the Intesis MAPS configuration tool and the interface's firmware can receive automatic updates.

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