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INKNXMBM1000200  Modbus RTU Client to KNX TP Gateway - 100 points
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Modbus RTU Client to KNX TP Gateway

Integrate any Modbus RTU server device with any KNX device or system using ETS. The aim of this integration is to make accessible any Modbus registers data and resources from a KNX system, as if it was part of the own KNX system and vice-versa.


  • KNX Certified.
  • Support for Modbus RTU only (RS485).
  • Support for KNX TP.
  • Supports KNX standard datapoints (DPTs) that guarantees a seamless integration with any KNX device or system.
  • Operations for each signal to adapt Modbus register to demanding KNX installations: E.g. multiplication, division and equal to.
  • DIN Rail product with reduced dimensions.
  • Up to 205 Communication Objects.
  • Up to 100 Modbus Registers.
  • Export and import of devices templates through a DCA for a quick integration.
  • Flexible configuration of devices and number of signals.
  • Easy integration & configuration with standard ETS database.
  • Always up to date: easy to update thanks to the new ETS DCA. 

Use Case

Integration of Modbus RTU Client into a KNX TP installation.


This bidirectional gateway provides a straightforward and fast integration thanks to its unique onboard features.

Thanks to its support for the KNX standard datapoint types (DPTs) and its flexible Modbus register map, it guarantees a seamless integration with any KNX device or system.

Configured by ETS software. The officially certified ETS database, provides all the necessary parameters to configure both sides of the integration, with up to 100 Modbus registers to integrate into KNX.

Technical Documentation

User Manual General information about this product Download
Installation Manual Learn how to install the device in your project Download
EC Declaration of Conformity Check the product certification Download
UKCA Certification Check the product UKCA Certification Download
KC Certification Check the product KC Certification Download


Commercial Documentation

Intesis Brochure Know more about the Intesis current available products Download

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