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Ordering Information


- Quick start documentation
- USB configuration cable
- Configuration software available for download
- Anybus OPC server software available for download
- (Power supply not included)

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    Anybus X-gateway – CANopen Slave - Modbus RTU Slave

    The Anybus X-gateway allows you to seamlessly inter-connect PLC control systems and their connected devices between CANopen and Modbus RTU networks.


    The X-gateways primary function is with the fast transfer of cyclic I/O data between the two networks. This offloads your PLC from working with additional calculations. The gateway acts as an Slave on both networks. The data transmission between the two networks is completely transparent with a maximum data capacity of 512 bytes in each direction.


    The connection between the two networks is quickly set up in the Anybus Configuration Manager software, included with the X-gateway. No programming skills are needed to set up the X-gateway. As factory default the X-gateways have a pre-defined I/O size of 20 bytes I/O.


    Features and benefits

    • Fast copying of cyclic I/O data between CANopen and Modbus RTU networks (10-15 ms)
    • Proven and tested with all PLC manufacturers
    • Supports up to a maximum of 512 bytes of Input and Output data in each direction
    • Optional control and status information added to the I/O data for diagnostic purposes
    • Configuration via USB with the included Anybus Configuration Manager software
    • Robust stand-alone housing with CE and UL certifications
    • Global free technical support and consultancy

    CANopen Slave interface

    CANopen Slave settings can be made either via on-board switches, or by importing the provided .EDS file into engineering tool of the controlling PLC.

    • Complete CANopen slave functionality according to CANopen Version 4.02
    • Max 512 bytes of Input and 512 bytes of Output data (PDO + SDO)
    • Customizable PDO mapping
    • Up to 80 RPDO’s and 80 TPDO’s
    • Transmission types: PDO Sync, Change-of-state, Event based and RTR
    • Network store/restore functionality
    • Heartbeat & Node Guarding support
    • Supports CANopen baudrates 10 kbit/s – 1 Mbit/s
    • CANopen configuration via .EDS file or via on-board rotary switches
    • 1x D-sub 9-pin male CANopen connector

    Modbus RTU Slave interface 

    Modbus RTU network address settings made via on-board configuration switches 

    • Complete Modbus RTU slave functionality
    • Max 512 bytes of Input and 512 bytes of Output data
    • Modbus diagnostics support
    • Configuration via on-board DIP switches
    • Modbus RTU baudrate 12-57,6 kbit/s
    • 1x D-sub 9-pin female network connector

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions (L•W•H)   114 x 44 x 127mm or 4,49 x 1,73 x 5,00"
    Weight 400g or 0,880 lbs
    Operating temperature -25 to +65 °C  or  -13 to +149 °F 
    Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C  or  -40 to +185 °F 
    Power supply 24 VDC +/- 20% via 2-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connector  
    Current consumption     max. 400mA (Typical 200mA)
    Enclosure material  Aluminium and plastic
    Installation position Vertical / Flat*
    Galvanic isolation YES, on both BUS/Ethernet side
    Mechanical rating IP20, NEMA rating 1
    Mounting DIN-rail (EN 50022 standard)
    I/O configuration via USB port with Anybus Configuration Manager software
    Certifications CE, CULUSRoHS

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